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                                                     Our Story



Sports Massage - Marin was founded in 2010 to provide athletic performance enhancement, pain management and a path to long-term mobility. Our practitioners are uniquely qualified to address a variety of pain and ROM (Range of Motion) issues as we are all licensed, educated (a through understanding of Anatomy and Kinesiology), experienced and extremely focused on our clients’ outcome.


Many of us come from athletic backgrounds and understand what it is to be in pain and immobilized. In modern day life, the causes are not always athletic injuries. Sitting, repetitive motion activities and irregularly performed activities can take their toll as well. To combat this, we employ a variety of techniques after initial and ongoing assessments, including applied kinesiology, myofascial therapies, deep tissue, trigger point, shiatsu, manual traction and stretches, with the goal of the most important outcome, getting results for you.

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